Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Great Deals to be had

The school schedule and extra-curricular activities are really tying up our time and finding time to organize our dining together and couponing has been taking a backseat lately. I really need to sit down and take some time to step up to that plate.

However, I have found 2 really great deals for yours and our "entertaining enjoyment". If you live in the KC Metro, you can go the following website to find a great "Fall Back" special on tickets and concessions, for the KC Metro Dickinson Theatres:

Also, for TODAY ONLY, 9/9/09, you can go to and purchase any of their dining certificates (for participating restaurants) at 90% their standard prices:

So, although times are tough with the state of the economy, an inexpensive evening of dinner and a show can still be had!

I'm headed downstairs to bake "friendship bread" and a cake for the "Music Ice Cream Social" at my daughter's high school and "friendship bread" from a starter that my friend so graciously shared!

Have a wonderful day!

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