Friday, September 11, 2009

9/11 and Friday at last!

Well, today is the 8th anniversary of 9/11. Do you remember what you were doing when the shock of those actions rocked our world? I was in the kitchen feeding my baby son, worried that my Dad who traveled quite a bit was on one of those planes, and fearing for our nation. It's a shame that it takes such major events in our lives to make us take a step back and appreciate what we have or had. I think that we all woke up quite a bit that day but have fallen back asleep. I don't think our economy ever recovered, travel and gas have been permanently effected, and I think that we may have all become a little more jaded and judgemental towards "foreigners".
My "friendship bread" turned out wonderfully and I was able to share the starter with many friends. It's so funny how excited and grateful that people are when you give them the starters! When I made my bread, I used one of the "variation" recipes and made chocolate chocolate chip bread and muffins. It makes so many that I've frozen the mini loaves and there are just a few of the muffins left! They've been very popular with the kids! :)
This week, I went to a screening of "Whiteout" with my friend Anne. The movie was pretty intense but never hit a climax! There were times where we were gripping the armchairs of our seats and then.....nothing! It made me wonder what was left on the cutting room floor.
Our kids had practices, meetings, and performances like crazy this week! Their high school is planning a big trip to a festival in L.A. for spring of 2010 and our payments of $125 per month, for a year, will begin in February. They do a big music trip every two years, so this will seem to be an "ongoing fundraiser" and outlaying of $!
Tonight, Brad and I will go on a "date night". Hopefully, dinner and a movie but it depends on when he gets home, showtimes, etc. Let's hope that we can make it work.
Busy weekend with soccer games, symphony practice for Lauren, and her first visit to her "boyfriend's house" to practice running lines for the play and dinner with his parents tomorrow. That should be very interesting! Thankfully, their family seems to hold the same values as ours and they are Christians. We've already spoken to the parents and we all seems to have the same groundrules. As a parent, it is very hard to "be in control" but to also give them the space to make their own decisions and mistakes. So, hopefully this is a 1st and painless step for all of us in this new "unchartered territory"!
Blessing to all for a wonderful day and weekend!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Great Deals to be had

The school schedule and extra-curricular activities are really tying up our time and finding time to organize our dining together and couponing has been taking a backseat lately. I really need to sit down and take some time to step up to that plate.

However, I have found 2 really great deals for yours and our "entertaining enjoyment". If you live in the KC Metro, you can go the following website to find a great "Fall Back" special on tickets and concessions, for the KC Metro Dickinson Theatres:

Also, for TODAY ONLY, 9/9/09, you can go to and purchase any of their dining certificates (for participating restaurants) at 90% their standard prices:

So, although times are tough with the state of the economy, an inexpensive evening of dinner and a show can still be had!

I'm headed downstairs to bake "friendship bread" and a cake for the "Music Ice Cream Social" at my daughter's high school and "friendship bread" from a starter that my friend so graciously shared!

Have a wonderful day!