Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Preparing for the cruise

It's amazing how much you have to do before you go on "vacation", especially when your "vacation destination" is in a place with a "hot season" when you are living in a climate with a "cold season".

For the last month, I've been shopping for all of us for shorts, swimsuits, shirts, etc. Do you know how hard it is to find these things, and not pay outragious prices, in November? Don't even get me started on sunscreen and flip-flops! At any rate, we are only 11 days away from our cruise and we are all pretty excited!

Our flight leaves at 6am on the "morning of", so by the time we get on the ship, we'll all be ready to collapse!

This is our first time to cruise with our kids: Lauren is 13 and Rhys is 8. The big questions are will we see them or will we not, will they make new friends, will they be bored, will we ALL have a good time???? I sure hope that the answers are yes and no, yes, no, and YES!!!!!!!!!!!

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